Making a difference

Inspired by the amazing traveller community at Horizons Unlimited and motivated by the words of Susan and Grant Johnson, we want to make a difference, too.

So as well as our traveling stuff, we will regularly run little fundraisers as part of our trip. They will be to support organisations with good reputation that work in the regions we will be traveling through.

If you have something to spare, share our desire to decrease world suck or just want to thank us for this blog – think about donating for one of the causes below.

  1. Part one: Give a little for UNICEF NZ via

  3. Part two: Give a little for Timor-Leste and VSA via
    VSA (Volunteer Service Abroad) is not a registered charity on the givealittle page. So instead of making our own one and jumping through hoops, we found a page from a Wellington volunteer who is in Dili at the moment. VSA is doing good work for Timor-Leste, assigning volunteers for long time tasks with the goal in mind to transfer skills to locals rather than having a foreigner coming in and doing the job.

  5. Part Three: Jhai Coffee House Paksong

    We stumbled upon this project by accident in search of good breakfast one day. After spending a couple of hours talking to volunteering Germans Isabell and Adrian we decided that we like the project so much that we sort of break our pattern a bit and promote a single project.

    Check out their website, visit if you are in Laos and maybe think about donating if you have the means. Coffee loving visitors, our Wellingtonians first and formost, think about it this way: Projects like this increase the quality of coffee available and reduce the bitter aftertaste of exploitation that comes with our beloved brew. Donate a cup’s worth and help this amazing Laos product to get the recognition it deserves.

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