About us

Nina and Flo on the bike

ready to leave wellington

We are Nina and Florian – a couple originally from Frankfurt / Main, Germany. Since we found each other, we have traveled Europe by car, on foot and with our trusted motorcycle. In August 2012 we have moved to Wellington in New Zealand to study, work and travel. After 3 years we have become New Zealand residents and Wellington our second home.

In August 2015, we stated a long distance overland motorcycle trip we called home to home. Over the next year, we will travel from Wellington in NZ back to Frankfurt in Germany. For the  rough route we have planned, check this post.


I will leave it up to Nina to write something about herself 😛


I am an IT project manager, traveller and first class geek from Germany. I think I inherited the travel bug from my parents. They both once were trained travel agents, and visiting foreign countries was something quite common for me. I have visited northern and central Africa, a good chunk of Europe and New Zealand by now. Hopefully, We will extend that list soon.


She is our trusted steed – eventually , there will be a separate page all about her once Flo has the energy and feels inspired to set one up 🙂