Day 153 – Stats 104 Indonesia

That's right, we survived Indonesia :)

That’s right, we survived Indonesia πŸ™‚

By now, we’ve gotten a holiday “rhythm” with a nice long breakfast, some light reading before lunch, lunch and then an afternoon nap to relax from the exhaustion. πŸ˜‰

Also, there is always the pool if you really need a distraction. We are coming to the end of our special trip to Thailand in a couple of days so Nina, at least, maximized hereΒ time with a book.

Which leaves time and space for me to get to the mildly overdue Indonesia summary post.

Country data #4: Indonesia

Full screen version of the map

  • 7324Β km traveled (7201 km of GPS tracked)
  • 46 travel days, 55 days total
  • $19.94 Average cost per night (48x room, 1x camping, 6x invitation)
  • 401.99l of standard fuel for $ Β 348.98 (5.4 l / 100km)
  • ~$18.11 for food every day,Β always eating out with some invitations
  • ~$4.780 in total

All $ values are converted to NZD.