Day 146 – Let the chilling commence

We were thinking about whether to actually continue to blog for the next 11 days, since this Thailand trip is in a way not part of our home to home journey. Then again, it is what we are doing within that year, even if Rocinante had to stay tucked away back in KL.

limestone formations are all around.

limestone formations are all around.

So for the first time in our relationship, we are attempting to have a “normal” holiday. Like, staying in one place and not try something physically crazy or weird. Just a room, a pool and time to go by.Β For the most part at least πŸ™‚

After a decadently long breakfast, we organised some wheels for our time here. We could not abstain from bikes entirely now, could we? Also, the place is cheap but a bit out of the way, so we need those wheels to get around. Unfortunately, no Honda Wave or any other (semi)-manual bike for me. Well, the 110cc automatic will have to do.

first LunchWe went out for lunch and to pick up some cash – which I should have done yesterday at the airport but have not. We had to go the 20

km to Ao Nang, the next tourist town down the coast towards Krabi. Once again, we were re-assured that there is nothing but ATMs and maybe other / cheap infrastructure that would hold us at these places.

We got back and hopped into the pool for the first time.