Day 62 – Deckchairs

We had a very quiet start today, with the party last night and all. With fist week wrapping up, we are finally getting towards the latter end of our current to do list, so the bouts of downtime in between are getting longer now.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches

A while back we talked about the foods Nina and I are good at making. I already got to dish up my green bean salad, so today it was Nina’s turn. We spend some time in the kitchen to whip up Nina’s renown mole hill cake.

The afternoon was very low key, with Tig and Celia’s  on their first ride out together on their postie bikes. Tig thought this to be a grand occasion to test out their blue tooth intercoms as well. That in turn led to some bemusing sights in the living room.

We got served a nice dinner again compliments of Celia and had the cake served up and devoured just in time before we had to head out for the event of the night. The cake was received with much appraise (would you have expected anything else from Nina?).

The aforementioned event was to head out to town and see the documentary Iris in the deck chair cinema. During the dry, there is an outdoor movie theater set up on the waterfront in downtown Darwin. As if that was not chilled out enough, most of the seating is comprised of laid back deck chairs.