Day 54 – Too hot

Our second day in the Kakadu National Park began and it immediately showed us that it would be hot and humid today.

While packing, the tent turned into a sauna. I simply couldn’t finish packing the sleeping bags. Flo laughed quite hard when I stormed out of the tent to cool off, completely covered in sweat. Due to the heat we needed to take our time and were late on the road.

Lookout on the Nourlangie art walk

Lookout on the Nourlangie art walk

Nourlangie, a region in the park, was our destination for the morning. When we arrived at the first walk it was already unbearable in the sunshine. We did the walk anyway, hopping from art site to art site and shade to shade.

Getting back into our biking gear was close to torture. Flo and I quickly agreed to skip the next walk and have lunch in Jabiru instead. Jabiru is the biggest town within the national park (due to the local uranium mine of all things). Luckily, a real bakery could be found and we had a lovely lunch with cold drinks and pizza pieces. Another motorcyclist joined us in the shade so we had nice lunch time company as well.

For dessert, I had one of the apricot rolls which was too sweet for Flo so I had the whole thing and then felt like rolling into a camp and sleep in the shade. Which is almost exactly what we ended up doing even if Flo was slightly frustrated with us doing so little today.

Jabiru, black-necked storch

Jabiru, black-necked storch

So we rode onto the campground in Jabiru. After a half-hearted attempt to put up the tent, we just jumped into the pool. Water is the only relief to cool down at least a little bit.

After an hour, Flo wanted to use the time to do some of our internet things. Three steps out of the pool area, we were covered in sweat again and agreed that we can check emails in the pool area.

Grabbing the laptop, a camper van with Frederike and Lars in it came our way. They also felt the heat this day and joined us in the pool for most of the rest of the day.

We promised ourselves to do better tomorrow and went to bed good and early that night.