Day 33 – People are awesome

Not procrastinating at all

Not procrastinating at all

Even though we slept in a bed and had a room for the night, we had a relatively late start into the day. Flo was tardy. :p

Our first stop was at the Twelve Apostles Visitor Center which is where you need to park if you wanna go onto the viewing platforms. I know, the Twelve Apostles are the most touristy thing you can do along the Great Ocean Road and yet they are nonetheless impressive.

Big pillars out of limestone stand in front of the coastline in the surf. The coastline itself is a sheer cliff out of limestone. I tried to capture it in a picture as best as I could. Some of the surf, further along the coast, would spray up and the spray move inwards over land in its misty form. Quite the atmospheric place despite all the tourists.

There are just too many lookout on this stretch of the Great Ocean Road. We decided to have a look at the “London Bridge”. It used to be a double arch leading out into the sea but the one closer to the coast collapsed a while back so now it’s a platform offshore with an arch.

this was the bargain - $20 for the sleeping bag and $25 for the waterproof

this was the bargain – $20 for the sleeping bag and $25 for the waterproof

On our way to Warrnambool, we stopped in “Cheese World” in Allansford to buy cheese for lunch and have a milkshake.

Warrnambool itself was way bigger than we expected so when we drove through a large shopping complex before even coming to town, we stopped to try and replace my sleeping bag. It still breaks my heart a bit that we lost my most awesome Fairydown bag. L It was the best sleeping bag ever. So now a replacement, huh? The first shop we found only had one goose down sleeping bag for $500. *gulp* So instead of going for it, we thought to compare prices with the next shop which was a blessing. I had my doubts when we pulled up to “Boats Camping Fishing”, looking for a sleeping bag but we were lucky because people are awesome. A young man from the store asked us if he could help and we looked at the assortment of sleeping bags together. The store definitely caters more for boat people than hiking people and light weight was nowhere to be found but Flo spotted a large sleeping bag which may fit both of us actually (spoiler: It doesn’t). We were thinking of buying it when the young man suddenly remembered that a particular kind of Coleman sleeping bags were on sale for $20! He had a look if one was still available and it was! So we bought a waterproof bag for $25 to go with it and put it on the bike.

12 ApostleIn Port Fairy, we stopped for a late lunch next to the wharf. Then, we needed to get some mileage done towards Adelaide and drove through to Portland.

It was getting late already (well, sunlight late) and Flo and I discussed if we really should make a detour to Cape Bridgewater or if we should rather buy food for dinner and head towards our camping spot on the road to Nelson. Our GPS still had Cape Bridgewater as the next destination so we randomly pulled up in a driveway to sort it out and find the next supermarket. And again, people are awesome. J The lady of the house, opened up the driveway to ask us if we need help and when she realized we were looking for food, invited us into her garden and gave us home-grown lettuce, kale and a broccoli! We only bought a tomato, an avocado and some dressing and had a beautiful salad for dinner. Thank you so much!

free food from good people is the best

free food from good people is the best

From Portland, we started on the Nelson road towards our campsite. Once we took the turn onto a dirt road, we saw more wallabies along the road, hopping away. Unfortunately, they were gone too quickly for a picture. The dirt track looked like sand and I didn’t feel very comfortable at all. J

Set up our tent and went for a little wander around the place when we came across a kangaroo family including a, rather big, baby in the pouch!

A delicious and healthy dinner later, we are about to test our new sleeping arrangement. As spoilered above, we don’t both fit into the sleeping bag but we use it as a blanket now. I’ll let you know how it goes. *fingers crossed*