Day 31 – Back on the road

It took us quite a while to get going. Flo had to pick up the bike from the workshop with a shiny new Heidenau K60 Scout rear tire.

We also had to repack all our things and pack a parcel with things that we wanted to send back to Germany now, like my second motorcycle jacket that we just can’t seem to fit on the bike. J

We also fitted new mirrors and soft panniers in the front.

So in the end, with all the picking up and packing, we left Melbourne at 2.30pm.

A big shout out needs to go to our lovely AirB&B host Leah who was amazing and gave me a place where I could be sick in a real bed. It was so comfortable staying with her that we shortly debated staying another night as it was quite a late start.

The first and only picture - you have to trust in Nina's words.

The first and only picture – you have to trust in Nina’s words.

And then, we were on the road again. It is so weird: You know you’ve done this two weeks ago and yet, everything feels odd. The gear is so stiff and heavy, the first Australian motorway freaked me out and yeah, sitting on a bike again.

It took us a while to get out of greater Melbourne, but we managed to make a start on the Great Ocean Road. Immediately, the landscape got impressive. Unfortunately, we only have one picture from right at the start of the track and not the wild coast afterwards but the sun was about to set and I really wanted a camp spot before dark. So all those pictures of the coastline will have to be taken tomorrow.