Day 26 – Touratech gear

We had an appointment with Evelin from Touratech Australia. She agreed to move things from Touratech headquarters to Melbourne so that we would have an easier time getting to it. It still took us about an hour with taking a bus to Richmond and then the train out to Heatherdale on a Saturday.

Anyway, we bought the upgraded panniers which are shiny and improved and I got to try the Touratech Companero suit in two different sizes and found one that fits. πŸ™‚ The jacket was available straight away while the pants were Evelin’s own so my pair has been ordered now.

Flo could probably geek out more about the gear but this is my post. πŸ™‚ I am very happy to have a) a suit that is/will be waterproof again and b) a summer suit for northern Australia as it is over 30 degrees in Darwin while it is about 15 degrees here in Melbourne. O.o

Still on the brink of being sick, I had a nice afternoon nap and then yummy pizza for dinner on an otherwise relaxing day.

I present: Shiny new gear!

I present: Shiny new gear!