Day 24 – New York Super Fudge Chunk

It rained pretty much the whole day. Waking up and feeling like a cold was coming on didn’t help to get out of bed. But Flo still had to do some of his paperwork for the bike so we finally left the house. Just to be stranded in St. Kilda.

When we took the tram out to our B&B, we already heard the announcement that the trams won’t run between 10am and 2pm on Thurday. We hit exactly that window. BUT, in such a big city, surely, replacement buses will run and it will be well organized…not quite. We could find no information at the tram station itself and then wandered around looking for a bus, until a coach pulled up beside us and announced that it was the replacement bus. Β We got in and the bus driver let us know that he had no idea where he was going so if every passenger could please let him know where they wanted to go and he might make it happen. Leah later told us that the line out to St Kilda is one of the few where there is no street next to the line so the driver couldn’t just follow the tracks.

We managed to get closer to the city and hopped out when we could see high rises. In the city, service people told us that the tram drivers were actually on strike. Our best bet was to walk to the Southern Cross Station and just hop on the train. Which is exactly what we did. Having the trams on strike was a good incentive to get used to the trains which run underground through the city. Being on the subway made us feel right at home.

Had very tasty Indian food before we had a look around the State Library. Unfortunately, the 2pm tour didn’t run so we had a look at the building on our own. I started to feel really quite ill so after two hours, we went home, I had a nap and then Ben&Jerry”s “New York Super Fudge”Β which made it all better. πŸ™‚

The library has a very pretty core study room with galleries and a dome. If you play GW2, you might squee (as we did) because it looks very similar to a library in game.