Day 17 – stats 101

Today was a real homework day. So many boxes got ticked from our list, even some that were not on it. We are bleeding money for anything but accommodation (a huge thank you again to our Auckland friends for putting up with us).

I have a new phone, a rear tire is lined up in Melbourne, shipping payed, mails send … and most importantly: All data for NZ collated.

Country data #1: New Zealand

Full screen version of the map

  • 3388 km traveled (3223 km of GPS tracked)
  • 14 travel days, 22 days total
  • $22.90 Average cost per night (7x camping, 9x invitation)
  • 174.89 l of standard fuel for $361.78 (5.16 l / 100km)
  • ~$37 for food every day, eating out 1/3 meals
  • ~$2.500 in total, excluding shipping and tattoo