Day 5 – East


the island off the east cape

the island off the east cape

This is as far east as we will go on this trip. If and when we finally reach Frankfurt, we will almost be equal distance away from this place on earth regardless of looking west or east. It also happens to be as far as one can go on the North Island of New Zealand.

As for our day itself: It was a blast. I cannot understand why this region is not more popular and so much undersold. We had a glorious sunny and only mildly chilly day. The landscape reminds me of an enchanting mix of Scotland and the Bretagne. Steep cliffs, hills and paddocks, and then always coming back to the sea.

Tolaga Bay pier

The view back down the pier

Even though we had a late start, we walked down the pier at Tolaga Bay before lunch. We both enjoyed how the powerful surf was crashing against the steep limestone cliff on the one side and the brave lone surfer in it on the other.

Brief side note: Might have met the dumbest sheep yet. It took off from the road full tilt into a fence and got stuck in said fence rather comically.

Lunch alone on the beach at Tokomaru Bay. With Gisborne-grown ripe avocado on toast and local oranges for dessert. Sooooo good.

The absolute highlight though was the ride out to the East Cape lighthouse: Horses with their fowling and the cows with their calves, the surf always right there and the sun in the back down a beautiful gravel road. Later on, the ride back into the sunset was pure magic.

I am further pleased to report that I carried my GPS all the 135m / gazillion steps up to the lighthouse for proof and bragging rights …