Day 4 – Whole new world

A rainbow greeting us for breakfast

A rainbow greeting us for breakfast

It makes such a difference to have a full day of sunshine. So much in fact, that I am able to slightly burn my nose through the visor of my motorcycle helmet.

Going back the way we came out to Lake Waikaremoana was so much easier in the morning and with sunshine. Our spirits were high anyway from having dry gear.


Back to Wairoa and then further on the coastal road. We made a detour through Mahia and the peninsular which was well worth it. Looking at the white cliffs and then having lunch near the sea gave me a bit of a holiday feeling. We even saw a seal, napping in a wind-protected little nook.

Back on the road and towards Gisborne. Days on the road are so long, even in winter, that we decided to stay in the city tonight and take advantage of the wifi in the hostel.