D-Day or not

D-Day. The day to leave Wellington for our epic trip.

It started with all working fine. Got up at 7am, packed our things for the bike and got the obligatory ‘this is all our gear’ shot.

ALL the gear

ALL the gear

Went to the doctor at 9.30am and things started to crumble slightly. Apparently, our awesome nurse has left her job and the replacement that we got was…less ideal. We had to have one last shot of Hep B here. Flo was fine but for me, this shot was the worst we got so far. It hurt with every single drop that was pumped into me. It hurts so much. Like my arm is useless. Meh.

Had to fix some stuff in town, like posting a hard drive with all our photos to my mom via courier and got home quite late. There was not much time to finish packing our boxes before they were picked up to be mailed to Germany to Flo’s uncle. Flo and I worked our *butts* off and Flo literally finished the paperwork while I was watching the driver pack our things into the van. We might have cut this one a bit too close.

Cleaning out our flat was quite the task. It breaks our heart to throw things into the trash that are still perfectly fine to use. So instead, we packed it all up, had a last sweep of our flat and were nearly off to a delivery to an OP shop when Flo had to pay tribute to the tradition.

Flo's nearly split forehead

Flo’s nearly split forehead

The tradition demands that Flo has to hurt himself before we go on a bigger trip. So while having a sweep of the kitchen, he ran head first into a closing cupboard door and got hit by it on the forehead. I might have slammed the door shut but Flo’s forehead was nowhere near it when I did and he just appear in the wrong spot with lightning speed. I am pretty sure he has a slight concussion so I immediately decided that today would be a bad day to ride the motorbike. Luckily, Brendan was around and offered us to crash his living room for one more night. It does feel like we’ve come full circle staying in the same living room we did on our first night in NZ.

All our stuff made it to the OP shop in the end and it did feel really good to not waste that much.