Getting photo savvy

Flo gave me a voucher for a beginner’s class in photography for Christmas and this




Saturday, I actually went. It was just a one day/ 5 hours class but it was exactly right for me. It was advertised as ‘get you off the automatic setting on your camera’ which I was on pretty much until yesterday.

The class had only four people, which was a very nice size to have enough time for all the questions etc. I had severe camera envy for a SLR cameras but then we will not be able to take anything that big with us on the motorbike. My compact camera it is.

We started with a lot of theory around iso, aperture and shutter speed which I might have heard about before but had no clue how to change on my camera. We started with some practical exercises in portraiture shots and, for obvious reason, I will be unable to share any of the pictures.

In the afternoon, we went on a small exploration tour around the waterfront with little exercises and also with the task of trying everything we had learnt in the morning. For me, this mostly meant to take focused pictures and try to get the background blurry…

Some examples: