Hey guys,

just a short update for everyone who is not on facebook. Wellington has been struck by a couple of earthquakes but so far has gotten through it ‘very well’.

The biggest and scariest one occurred on Sunday evening at 5.09 and it had a magnitude of 6.8.

Flo and I are fine, we both were home when it struck. I had quite a panic attack with everything around me shaking but to be honest, nothing even fell down. So we’re fine. My nerves are not the best at the moment as the earth keeps shaking. It shook throughout the whole of Sunday, most of the night to Monday and it still continues.

To check on updates:

The earthquakes are all centered in the Cook Strait, not far of Wellington. Basically everything that says ‘around Seddon’ will be felt here.

Today, the Central Business District is closed as the highrises and the office buildings will be checked for damage by engineers. Flo has been told to work from home as the Fujitsu tower has not completed all checks yet. I also got a txt with the info to stay home today and not risk it.

The earthquakes did not follow the usual pattern of big earthquake and lesser aftershocks so there is a chance of another big one hitting the city in the next time.

One thought on “Earthquakes

  1. Sven

    SchΓΆn zu hΓΆren, dass es Euch gut geht. Habe heute morgen von den Erdbeben gelesen, aber solange Flo weiter Steam Achievements in Civ anhΓ€uft, kann es ja so schlimm nicht sein πŸ˜‰
    Hoffe ihr bleibt auch weiterhin von Schlimmerem verschont!


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