Life signs

the view north

The view north

To get it out of the way first: Sorry for neglecting the blog the way we did the last two months. Heaps of things happend, as most of you guys probably know. Super quick: We had loads of amazing peaople visiting us in Feb. Flo is still looking for work, Nina started to work so we could support ourselfs until September. As often, nothing is certain but life is still good to us. Maybe there will be more about this later, or you decide to give us a call.

Now, something more suited as a blog post – a brilliant daytrip around Wellington

The weather is still amazing, especially for early autum. Since we could not make it yesterday, Nina and I were absolutly keen on going for a ride. The Wairapa was discussed briefly, but then we went for something closer to avoid any stress. The plan was to go up to Hawkins Hill. We failed in that. but the wind turbine was a good substitue. I saw that bikers can attain a permit to go further through the hills for 20 $, something I will definitivly consider for a future ride. Or just a hike from the Red Rocks to the Turbine.

After that, we followed the coastline from the Red Rocks all the way back home. This was the first time for me to go along the coast counter-clockwise. I was astonished how diffrent things can look. The trip was rounded off by a late lunch and coffee at the Chocolate Fish Cafe. Overall, a brilliant way to spend a couple of hours – Go Wellington!