panier preparation

Getting ready for the road again!

This is just a very short update, including a sorry to everyone. We are finally preparing to go back on the road again. So far, all the well learned steps come back nicely, even though this is a completely new home we are preparing from. Since there are a few slight chances that Flo might need to come back down to Wellington for job interviews, we decided with a heavy heart not to join our friends in the South Island over the holidays. The 350 NZ$ for the ferry were too much of a commitment to make under these circumstances.

Our plan is … to go north! We have the latest Lonely Planet for the North Island and our trusted Zumo 660 with all the points-of-intrests that the open NZ maps (thank you guys for that, btw.). Since there are many unknowns in regards to our timeframe, we have decided to go where the front wheel will leed us and sworn to enjoy every day as they come.

That’s it then … we will take our link to the world with us and might even post the occasional post on the road. See you on the other side!