Flo coffee

Flo coffee

Nothing really new here so I thought I’d share a couple of impressions from today and the last couple of weeks. =) Especially for folks who are not on facebook, google+ or instagram.

Mostly, I try to read in the mornings and after lunch so that I get through the books that I brought here and have a better understanding of what I am doing. =P Today was very sunny though and I convinced Flo to go shopping with me (so boring, Nina!) and then have a coffee out in the sunshine. The sun here is really strong, and Flo and I both got a bit sunburnt just from the tiny coffee break (about 20 min).Β 

It was Tina’s birthday last week so Flo and I baked muffins for her. Christine had given me plastic cups to bake muffins in and nice paper cups as a farewell gift and they were put to use for the first time now.

Muffins 2

Baileys muffins in Christine’s pretty paper cups


Upgraded with chocolate, frosting and candles =)








Other than that it has been a really nice spring and will hopefully be a nice summer, too. In September everything was blooming in the botanical garden and soon the roses in the rose garden will hopefully also start blooming.

botanical garden

Blooming magnolia trees in the botanical garden

cable car

Cable Car in sunshine (most touristy photo ever)








Given that we live basically across the street from Tina and Brendan, we spend a lot of time there. One of my favourite things to do (when I’m not watching everybody else playing minecraft) is to annoy the cats. *lol* They have two cats: Sparky and Sophie. Sparky is a completely black tomcat who loves being pat at times and is an incredible bully for his sister at other times. Sophie is very shy, gets startled whenever someone moves, basically, but has the softest fur ever. She is black and white. Both of them don’t really like being picked up and they are not lap cats either so I kind of have to trick them. They have two cat beds which they like a lot and tend to sleep in a lot. So when they are asleep, I pick up the whole cat bed and put it on my lap. For some reason they don’t mind that too much. =) Enough rambling about cats now…

3 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. Sven

    It’s the Internet. There are never ever enough posts about cats (you really need videos, too)!

    We don’t have any muffins around, but we’ll probably start building up a C3 (christmas cookie collection) soon.

    What are you folks up to in Minecraft? Screenshots?
    I demolished my lava tower a few days ago to start something new but didn’t have time to build anything yet. Peter and Robert still seem to be pretty active on our server however.

    XCOM is keeping me busy right now, will probably start a new game right after finishing it. Prison Architect is turning out really neat, too.
    Yesterday, I put one of your SNES controllers to good use to play Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Great to play (a remake of) a classic jump&run game with these πŸ™‚

    1. Florian

      I just finished a Joxter memorial tower (IE: stole the design πŸ˜‰ ) on our server. After three iterations (Local, shared Single Player, LAN Server) our friends have migrated it to a proper server. I think there is a definitive chance for you guys to come and have a look πŸ™‚ And who would have thought, I am the founder of Nether Portals Transport Inc. πŸ˜›

    2. nina Post author

      Okay, I will post videos at some point. They are very cute cats. πŸ™‚

      C3 sounds awesome! Unfortunately, we will not have such a collection…Christone asked us if it’s okay to send home-made cookies so we read up on it: The cookies will be crushed at customs and inspected for bugs or bacteria. πŸ™ No home-made cookies for us.

      I am thinking about building a castle overground this time. But lacking a computer or laptop that runs minecraft well (remember, I got kicked out from your server a lot), I haven’t done much so far.

      Lately, I’ve been craving a session of rockband. But playing Giana Sisters sounds very good as well. I never finished it in the 80s though. πŸ™‚

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