Monte Pugly

Okay, new flat it is. New…well, a bit run-down to be honest. Flo and I came up with a lot of stuff we could do to fix it and make it way nicer than it is right now…but we’re only renting it for 6 months.
To give you a first impression…Flo called the flat “vomit-coloured hell-hole” for half a day before we came up with Monte Pugly as a name for it.
Ah, let me start all over again. When Flo and I looked at flats, we decided to give Newlands a try as it is a really nice suburb, only 7 min on the motorway away from the city center and the flat was partly furnished. Flo particularly liked a big gaming table. BUT the landlord decided to go with a single person, not with a couple. Bad luck for us.
So we took our second choice which is the one on Clifton Terrace. It has enough space for now, one bedroom, a lounge, kitchen and bathroom but it is really close to the motorway. Anyhow…Flo doesn’t like the wall colour as it’s not white but eggshell. It is a bit of a weird colour for walls to be honest but I think it’ll be okay. We still don’t have all of our furniture.
Moved in on Monday so we spent a bit of time there by now. The bedroom looks good as Flo decided to buy a European bed of trademe. European bed…because all new ones that we looked at seemed to be just one big plushy pillow and two mattresses underneath. That’s probably wrong but that’s the impression we got. Also we bought nice curtains and stored all our clothes so apart from maybe a poster or a painting on the wall, this room is done.

The lounge is still quite empty. We kept the couch from the tenant before us as she wanted to get rid of it. It has a plain white sheet over it as its original pattern is quite ugly. Looks weird but it has to stay that way for a bit. We put up a small shelf to store my books and bought a mirror and rug for this room. Apart from that, there is only a lot of our stuff on the floor. πŸ™‚
Couldn’t do much with the bathroom. Got new shower curtains but that’s it. It’s still very…interesting.

The kitchen worked out well. The flat came without a lot of the white ware, it only had a gas stove. We bought a fridge of trademe which works fine and got a lot of electronic stuff new, like a microwave, a coffee maker etc. Also, we bought lots and lots of food. πŸ™‚ Bought plates, mugs, bowls and cutlery at Briscoes and a cooker’s starter set with 8 pieces which is probably all that we will ever need.