My farewell from work

Though Flo is still working, he had is “Ausstand” from work already (see last post). My last day at work was on the 17th of August. It was quite a mixed day…considering that I wasn’t too keen about my work place, I do miss it. *gg* There were only colleagues present that I like and Aurica gave my muffins which spelled out “NINA” with smarties and two smiley faces made out of gummy bears and smarties. That was very cute.

I got my job reference (very good) and a small gift (voucher) for my farewell. Saying good-bye to my colleagues is going to happen today. It started with a “breakfast” from 12.30 to 13.30 at the advertising agency that actually employed me. A whole table full of food from bread rolls and cheese to potato salad and ice cream. Very, very yummy. The breakfast is a tradition at the agency; everybody gets one for their birthday. Three of my work colleagues celebrated their birthday within the last month so this was a combined one and they invited me as well even though I don’t work there anymore. =) There probably will be pictures as my boss and Timo (only male colleague) took some. My boss thanked me again for my excellent work, thanked me for making sure that all my responsibilities were taken care of by colleagues and said he bought a small gift for me but forgot it at home. -.- I’ll get it with the mail. Then he hugged me which was awkward. *lol*

Now the fun part can start. Six of my colleagues and me will meet up at 17.30 to play laser tag. Timo (see above) was quite jealous when I talked about laser tag about a month ago so he talked me into going again. I think it’ll be fun. Again. =) Let’s see how the girls will fight. Aurica already challenged everyone.

Afterwards we will eat out in an Italian restaurant. =)


That’s the fun part. The non-fun part is moving out. Flo hired a van on that same last friday. Luckily we had a lot of help from friends because we managed to clear out quite a bit of the flat. Almost all content of the cupboards and wardrobes are stored as is our complete bedroom furniture. On this friday the other furniture will be stored, too. The next step after that is to paint every wall in the flat.-.- Happy times.