First exclusive charowo post by me

Since this is our blog, I really need to get into posting here, I guess. As you might have noticed there is quite a bit of content before the date that states that “we finally have a blog”. All of those posts are by me…so for Flo it is correct that charowo is his first blog. This is actually my fourth blog. =)

One can infer from this fact that I have a bit of experience in blogging though most of the time it’s just me rambling on about my life and things that happen in it. (see my earlier posts)

I just wanted to state that we’ve actually started moving things this weekend. The first five boxes full of our stuff (mostly books) found their way to Uwe’s and Patzi’s attic where they can stay until we come back (or decide that we need our stuff to be shipped over to NZ). It feels weird. Mostly, I’m happy that the things I am attached to are safe but on some occasions I still don’t wanna empty our flat.

This goodbye is different from the ones before because we have to give up our flat. When I went to NZ for the first time, I still had my room back here with all my things that I didn’t need for a year abroad. It was still here, waiting for me until I came back. Now, I have to give up my “home”…makes it a whole lot harder than before.

Enough whining for today. I am liking the fact that we are forced to sort out what we actually need as I have gathered way too many things throughout my life. Also, I am more than excited to get back to windy Wellington and show Flo places and have him meet my friends over there. =)