Do we need an agent?

Helping with the Paperwork

by Sidereal (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The one thing I loathe (as you might imagine) is the paperwork. Especially the immigration stuff makes your head spin. But as it is on our lovely little world, with the right amount of money – there is always a solution for you! In this case, help comes in the form of immigration agents. We’ve been in contact with two of such kind and I must confess: they were most helpful.

Still, we are not sure.


  • being spoon-fed everything there is to do!
  • saves a lot of time
  • saves potential waste of money on wrong choices (we already sunk 300 € in an ill-advised EoI)
  • someone else to blame – a good part of the responsibility is on the agent


  • I am pretty good with this stuff myself – in Germany, paperwork is my department
  • expensive – we are speaking good least four figures in € here, in addition to the 3000 € for the immigration itself
  • Jep, reaaaaaly really expensive



Is it worth it? I honestly don’t know. I think we will go the next steps on our own and see how it goes from there. Heck, maybe I’ll even find an employer that is willing to pay for that stuff. Or Nina gets help from her uni. I just don’t know jet – an this bothers me a good bit …