Sorry for my lack of talking, posting, being sociable, whatever lately. I might have procrastinated a tiny bit too long and have to force myself to a tight schedule so I’ll be done with everything in time. And I’m not even good with sticking to it. =S

Okay, what did I do besides working for uni/procrastinating/having my mind on a certain issue? Hm…well, I played D&D on Tuesday. It was great! Mat tried to kill me again. =D One round longer of being unconsciously on the floor and his evil cleric would have touched me with…whatever…killing a dying creature and getting power from it. O.o Whoa! At least one character survived a bit longer. =P
For some reason Horst had even more crap on his mind than normally so I had to tickle him a lot more than usually. He found something dodgy in everything I said. O.o *sigh* *lol* Sometimes another language is hard…you’re dodgy without intension and without even noticing…

Today, I had a lot of plans. Get up early, read a lot, write a lot, get things done. I succeeded only marginaly. First, it took me an hour longer in the internet cafe than I had calculated for it. O.o WHY do I get 22 mails on the day I don’t really have time for that??? O.o
So I went to have lunch and then up to uni…that was the plan. The moment I left the food court on Willis, a very excited Becky called me.
See, I also have to organize stuff. My train leaves on friday morning at some time stupid like 7am. Becky said it’s cool to store my suitcase and some other stuff at her place for the week. Plan was to get it to her place tomorrow morning at 10am.
Well…she called. She is evacuated from her house. O.O There was a landslide, a big one, a tree crashed into her window as well…and the city councel told them they are not allowed back in. Problem…Becky was at home when it happened…and slightly traumatized in my opinion. So I met up with her. (Breach of “only working” plan no. 1) Okay, she calmed down, she laughed, she was okay.
We went up to uni and I went to work at about 3pm.
Tina called. Twice. So I talked to Tina…more organizing. Apparently, Tina and I will climb Mt Ruapehu on Saturday. She was very excited about it…”we’ll have a guide and we’ll get those spiky shoes for climbing on the ice and…” – “Tina, how long will this take?” – ” The whole day, about 6 or 7 hours.”  – “Tina, are you aware of the fact that I didn’t bring my tramping boots?” – ” Oh, could be a problem. I’ll ask if someone can lend you theirs.”
Alright…looks like I’ll spent a day climbing. I’m so outta shape, I’ll be dead afterwards. *LOL* But Tina told me she has to work on Sunday anyway so I can snooze and slack around. =P I just think it’s great she’s so enthusiastic about doing stuff when I’m up there. =)

Back to work with me. At about 4pm, Aaron started to txt me. We somehow decided yesterday that we’ll hang out today. Very indirectly…I could just infer it from one of his statements. =P Something about me hitting him tomorrow. O.o Whatever…(but breach of “only working” plan no.2 … big one as well)
I fucked around with reading my books till almost 5pm and then stopped. There was not much point with me txting Aaron every 10 mins or so. *lol* Went back to Nomad’s, had some TimTam slams and then met Aaron. He kept laughing at me for almost the whole evening…and the worst one, I didn’t even understand why. O.o That’s a way to make me feel stupid, just randomly crack up laughing and keep me wondering what the hell is wrong. O.o =P Oh well, I decided to speak German for a while because that way I’m at least sure about what I say. =P
But yeah, good evening. =) Watched Sweeney Todd which is very disgusting with all the blood (I crinched a lot) and then Music and lyrics which made me laugh a lot as well. And get my hair into pig tails. =P But I had cats to pat, pizza, hot chocolate, chocolate and marshmallows. So I wasn’t joking when I said I’m gonna roll out of his place…feel really quite….chubby right now. =P

And now back to my laundry with me again. =)
So on Friday, I will stop being a Nomad’s nomad and become a real nomad again for a week.