I officially have a cold now. My nose keeps attempting to run away and for some reason I can feel my collar bones. O.o [/whine]

Today was nice and relaxed. Ellie, the German girl in my room, is good company.
Also the day was glorious again, so I went outside to sit in the sun, organize things and read a bit. After sitting at my spot for about 10 minutes, Simeon randomly came along. So I had fun company and a very unhealthy chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips on top of it. *gg* *chocolate monster* Happy note: I’m getting a tan. In winter!!! Whee. =)

Tina called me some time today. It’s odd to get a phone call on your cell phone and the other person speaks GermanΒ to you. For a second I had a shock, thinking someone from Germany was calling. That would have been expensive. O.O
Looking forward to seeing her again now. =) She called to ask if there was anything special I would like to do in my time at her place. If I would want to go skiing. O.o I’ve been skiing once in my life and I doubt I still remember anything. She doesn’t ski as well so we might just take a lesson and a ride for the fun of it. =D Also, she said that Alan asked if we drop by to see him at his farm which we will do. =D

Been a good girl and read for uni. I now reached the part with relevant information…after reading 250 pages of nonsense basically. O.o
Tuesday last week:

The Palace of air guitar

Last Thursday: Zoo

Tahi the kiwi with one leg that I got to feed =)


I like Zoo keeper. For some reason the signs crack me up.
Probably because safety precautions actually allow you to poke a finger into the tiger enclosure. O.o

Zebra and a Zebra baby =P

We will now come to my favourite part…the red pandas. Feel free to scroll down quite a bit to avoid them. πŸ˜‰

They’re like cats with bushy tails.
And they look so fluffy and soft.

They got fed when I was there.

AWWWW!!!!! =D *sugar overdose*

The cheeky one climbed on the tray and sat down, trying to cut the other one off from the food…

And it didn’t wanna get down anymore. *gg*

On Monday: Moving into Nomads

That would be my bed, the top one. It’s just high up and since I’m vertically impaired , it is quite a climb to get in it. =P

My nest. =) I’m very happy to still have another duvet and a big, snuggly blanket cause I would be cold with just the one from the hostel. Ellie said she’s freezing her ass off. I don’t. =)

View into the room from my bed. I like it. =) Messy as…but comfy.

Today: Waterfront

I took a picture of my normal destination. I just love sitting out there being surrounded by water on three sides. =D

When I passed Civic Square today there were a whole lot of kids on the steps, singing songs. I couldn’t find out why. But I took a picture. =P

Oriental Bay…awesome view on snow-capped [something] mountain range. =D

Because it’s so pretty…again but from a distance. =D