For the more visual orientated people amongst you:

birthday girl and birthday cake
Looky, looky, who’s got cake? =P
It was good cake too. With a lot of cocoa on top.
When Paula blew out the candles, she also blew cocoa powder all over me.
That’s right, I was standing out afterwards…the girl who smelled like cocoa instead of kerosene. =P

Thumbs up for Becky taking awesome pictures. =)

Paula having some of her cake

Analiese and Matt
…very cute

Paula and Matt fire dancing

That would be Naomi’s silhouette

Naomi fire breathing

Paula posing for a picture =P


Maybe I do have a faible for other people’s head wear. =P I stole Hamish’s hat. Okay, “stole” might not be the right expression because when I grabbed it, he said “go on, have it, plus a bit of sweat from my forehead.” O.o *lol* So I was wearing it…and I shouldn’t have given it back. Technically, he didn’t tell me to give it back. =P
Anyway, Hamish took another picture of me with his hat…where it’s down over my eyes. *lol* See, Hamish’s head is HUGE so the hat naturally kept falling over my eyes.

I believe this is about the second picture of the two of us…that ever existed.

Brewing of the Marmitini….ewww….*shudder*
It’s basically beer, Marmite and vanilla ice cream. O.o

Cheers! O.o

Looks like Hamish accused her of something. O.o Maybe he had it coming after all…

I got slapped! Whoa, the most horrible picture ever. =P
Mash walked over and told me that he’s seen it all, just a random attack of Naomi, he would be my witness if I wanna sue her. =P
Hamish is cracking up laughing and I’m over the first shock as well and am laughing my ass off. =P

But yeah…be aware around Naomi. O.o If she says she’ll kick your ass, she’ll do it. She most definitely has the strength for it.