Today, the weather wasn’t too well but it wasn’t raining so I decided to go to the zoo. Wellington zoo is small but I like it. Pics sometime when my internet access is better. When I arrived they were having the kiwi talk which meant that there was a kiwi on display. Its name was Tahi and it only had one leg, poor thing. That means that it couldn’t walk but made funny jumps on that one leg to get to places. =S I was late so people were already leaving…which left me there alone with the keeper. We talked a bit, he was very impressed with my English (don’t tell me, people! I wish I could believe it but all it does is making me really self-conscious.) and then he let me feed the kiwi! *beam* Feeding it basically meant that I got a worm into the palm of my hand and Tahi would hop over and grab it out of there with its beak. Soooooooooo cute!!!! Awwww! Very cool!
Walked around in more or less sunshine, looking at animals. The red pandas were fed when I was there and they are so cute as well. The keeper had a tray with fruits with her and one of them would sit down in it, blocking most of it off for the other panda while eating as much as it could. *rofl*
On the way back to the exit I came across the cotton top Tamarins, very small monkeys. They were being fed by the same keeper who displayed the kiwi. After everyone but me was gone again, he let me feed the monkeys as well. =D He was just like “you were feeding a kiwi today. Wanna feed some monkeys as well?” Sure…what kind of question is that? =P They eat worms, too, so I would hold them between my finger tips and they would come over and grab it with their tiny little hands. With impressive claws for their size. *gg*