Plans II

I bought my train tickets to National Park. I will leave on the 29th of August and am back in the evening of the 5th of September. Both ways by train. I got a special on the way there so it was only 49NZ$, even cheaper than the bus, so I figured I can take the train back as well. =)

It’s moving day. I will move out of Horst’s and Bet’s place and gonna reside in the Palace of Air guitar for a week. If you are confused…I will flat with Dave the tall One from the crazy flat. =P
Also I decided that afterwards I’m gonna move into Nomad’s. Again. For a couple of reasons. First of all for the nostalgic one. Second because it’s very central and I can walk everywhere. Third because I feel like a nomad and should enjoy having a bed to sleep in again after a month on couches and the floor. I don’t wanna sound unthankful because it’s been great so far and really quite comfortable but still, a week in a real bed can’t hurt. =P And as much as I love you all and love being surrounded by friends, there are times I wish I had a door that I could close for a while. =) Hope you understand it in the right way. =) It’s just a bit exhausting at times and most definitely doesn’t help with my uni stuff. *gg*

Need to plan more. Somehow I’m really lazy…O.o Oh well, I call it “a holiday” after all. =P