Teh awesomeness

Picspam and ramblings from today. The last two days were so lovely again, I hope we really have a break-through now, weatherwise. *lol*
Please don’t take me too seriously today, I am severely sleep-deprived and I managed to get myself sunburnt. Only the light version of it which will turn into a tan in no time but I feel like patting myself on the head for getting sunburnt in winter. *cough*

Say good morning to Maggie. =)
Last night she decided to sleep on the top of my leg while I was lying on the side which is kinda unsteady as you may know and was very snobby when she slided down. *lol*

Stairs I’m about to go down in a few seconds.

Say bye to Maggie! *waves*
Isn’t she pretty?

The place I’m actually staying at. Tomorrow I’ll move again.
I’m such a nomad, for real.

Random shot from Te Aro on the way downtown

Josie’s old place!!!!!
*goes into missing the teddybear mood for 5 minutes* =(

Nairn street. Where James lives. And where Freakseed was parked. =P

That would be the dairy that kept Josie alive at her time in Wellington. *lol*
I’ll send her that picture.

That’s right, the street I live in.

Unicomm! Where Lora used to live!
OMG Lora is in Hong Kong now! She’s actually started her trip around the world! I’m not jealous at all….in my dreams. But that means there is a chance that I’ll see her when she makes it to Germany in…October? Lina, is she crashing at your parents’s place? Can I crash there too? Can we have a pyjama and pizza party? *roflol*

the veggie market

I bought stuff. I can be healthy now. *LOL*

On the way to the waterfront I ended up buying things. Since Lisa and I somehow agreed on her giving birth each time I’m in NZ, I thought I could also make it a tradition to give each of her children a small present from NZ. I mean Leona got something, it’s only fair if the newborn gets something, too, isn’t it? So I bought a pillow that has a picture of a sheep on it. =P It’s not as awesome as Sven Sheep but hey, you can’t expect that, can you? I also bought a stuffed animal for meself. *cough* Yes, I’m a big kid alright. It’s a kiwi and it’s soooooooooooo cute and so fluffy. =D It needs a name though. Suggestions? Has to be with a “K” and if anyone suggests “Kevin”, I’ll slap you. [Okay, that’s probably a German insider joke. =P]
Anyway, I will have a post with stuff I bought so far at one point. Cause I love things so much. =)

Made it to the waterfront and was going for ice cream at that point in time as it was really, really warm. Almost summery. =D People were on the lagoon!

The ice cream place. I randomly met Analiese (I know her name now! Go me!) and we talked for a minute before she dashed off.

Me and my favourite ice cream. Surprisingly, it’s not chocolate. =P
No, it’s passion fruit. I’m such a sucker for passion fruit.

“Row, row, row, yer boat…”

My favourite spot again which was really busy today. I finished reading The Dragon Reborn and will return it to Jono at some point in time. Soonish. Cause I’m book-less right now. O.o
So I had to lay down, close my eyes and listen to music. When I opened them again, it was nearly two hours later and I felt slightly dizzy. No surprise really that I sunburnt my face. =*(

To show you what all the rain does to Wellington. We had a couple of landslides. Basically throughout the whole city.

That just had to be: Civic square in sunshine is very pretty. =)

Maori is sooooooooooooooo cute! It says “window to the big world” as translation for library. =D

Up to the botanical garden. It looked very picturesque so I took a picture.
From there I went to uni and read another 40 pages for stupid, useless crap. I don’t understand why they make me read the whole book when we will only see 4 of those buildings. O.o Somebody should get some sense into the German education system. [/rant]
Ooh, ooh, Horst bought me chocolate! I’m happy now. =P