I will be at Games Club tomorrow….just in case someone wants to come along to rescue me.
I’ll have uni stuff with me that I will read or paraphrase when I’ll get too annoyed.

I talked to Emma this morning. She wanted to know how long I’ll still be in NZ so I told her. “Wow, still ages to go!” – “Oh well, but almost half time.” – “So the important question is: Have you done half of the things that you wanted to do?”
She really got me with that one. Have I done half the things that I wanted to do? I’ve only been to Strawberry fare once and there is no excuse for that. I haven’t been to chocolate frog at all. I wanna go to the zoo again, Karori sanctuary again, Scorching bay, Lyall bay, the embassy once…can you think of something really important that I forgot? I’m bad with lists. =S

I asked about prices to get up to Tongariro.
Train 79NZ$ one way
Bus 52NZ$ one way

Today was quite nice again. Quite. A couple more clouds but no rain. LOADS of wind though. =D
So I sat at my favourite spot again, reading wheel of time. Then I went shopping, bought a black hoodie and a pair of earrings. =) Me likes. =) Was very, very tempted to spend money in Kathmandu. Shall I get me a fleece vest? They have an outlet here now and it would only cost 50 bucks.
Had a hot chocolate at Espressoholic which is quickly turning into my living room right now. *cough*

It’s like half a liter of hot chocolate for 5 Dollars and it comes with 4-6 marshmallows. =D

Sent stuff to Josie, went up to the botanic garden, then to uni, read about 30 pages from my architecture crap and made my way back home.

Couple of trees are blooming in the garden.

What was occupying me most today are random spots on my body that hurt. O.o A spot on my right foot hurts for about a week now, yesterday my left wrist started to hurt and today my right hip. O.o So I had some comfort food aka an avocado (YUM). I also bought healthy food cause maybe I wasn’t eating very healthy.
But why are random spots of my body hurting? O.o