I swear it’s spring…

…so maybe I will be a lucky bastard and have more sunny days…=P

Yesterday was pure awesomeness and today was just as glorious again. If it stays that way I will definitely going swimming some time. So far I’ve been sunbathing which is awesome enough.

Come on, I almost gave up on taking pictures already. So I went a little nuts, having sunshine…
Plus, Bet has to get up at 7am in the mornings which meant I was actually up at 9am that day. =P Me is not used to it anymore. So I went to the waterfront, had a chocolate muffin and was happy. I ended up doing something close to adiml.

ah, the colour!

Sun was shining and Wellington went nuts. EVERYBODY was running or doing some sort of outside exercise.

circa theatre, Reading cinema and Mac’s Brewery

TSB Bank Arena
I found it!
I passed it about a billion times already but I just never noticed it. Now I know where I have to go in September. =P

Random corner of Te Papa

Good old New World

My destination for nearly two hours.

See, you’re supposed to go swimming. =P

*lol* I can’t see shit in sunlight. I’m definitely a creature of shadow, if not the night. =P

That was an accident but I like it. =P

Yes, I was sitting down, listening to music, having a kitkat chunky caramel. And this was my view. =D
It’s called sunbathing.

[Notice how I’m not wearing my jacket anymore? And I had to pull my sleeves up, too]

And now the crappy pictures started. It was Lina-Ina’s birthday lately, she had taken awesome pictures in Cornwall and I felt silly so I decided that Nina-Ina will take pictues da Ina’s style. =P

New species of one claw tigers =P

Tigerpose down under, people!!!!
Ah, it felt good being back in the country where I completely sacrificed my dignity. =P

“Let’s go super-touristy, let’s go japanese.”
Enough of this now…*cough* =P

Along the waterfront, direction railway station

Ferg’s kayak

*sniffle* =(

Mt Vic from the waterfront. I basically walked around the harbour once and was opposite from where I was sunbathing.

railway station…
Can’t you people read? =P

Beehive and a part of the Rutherford house (Vic uni…*sniffle*)

I met up with Becky at the railway station and we caught the train to Petone…

…because Becky had an appointment for her tattoo. =)

Becky was in a lot of pain and I guessed it’s because of the spot she picked. Cause the inking only took 30min. O.o It’s quite small so…

When we were back in Wellington we saw that at the station.

And then it was evening and Andrew picked me and the other guys up to play at Mat’s place.
I saw Horst. Whoa! He’s only been my flatmate for a day but it was the first time I saw him. He was wearing a Narnia sweater and t-shirt. But a crew one. O.O Cause he had worked on Prince Caspian in 2007. Bastard! =P *huggles* Me wants too, that’s all. Pure jealousy over here.
Today was just as fine. I woke up at 9am to a whining cat that wanted patting and a teasing txt by Aaron saying that if I can get myself up that early again, I can enjoy another day of sunshine. =P
Patted Maggie a bit, had a shower and turned on the PC. Lina was online!!!! Wheeeeeee!!!! So we talked via Skype and it was awesome. She made me laugh tears!!! Man, how I wish you could be here right now.
Sat outside the house, sunbathing, having a needy cat on my lap. =P Then Hamish picked me up and we gamed, this time at Nick’s place. =) Probably gonna make a game’s entry sometime when I feel like it but it took me more than an hour for this one already so I’ll just stop here. =P Hugs, people!