Naomi’s party

This will probably contain a lot of rambling…

We arrived at the party place at about 9pm and ran into Hamish and Nick on the front door.
Not many people were there already which meant that Salem was still around though a bit skittish because of all the people it didn’t know. Anyway, trust me to find the cat first before I see people I know. =P I went through the lounge where nobody was, into the kitchen and on the way into the room with people, I found Salem and was distracted. It is such a beauty! Completely black and very beautiful yellow eyes. I patted it for about 3 minutes and then Ben and other people came that way and it disappeared. “Oh, you found an animal, haven’t you?” – “Yeah, it’s a black cat. It’s gone now. Probably scared because of all the people.” – “Yeah, I’m scary. *grin*”
I like Ben. It was funny in the game already and we talked basically on the whole way to the party. Apparently I was the first German roleplayer he ever met.
For the first hour basically I was quite occupied with finding Salem and patting it. *gg* It mostly sat on the top of a chair in a corner. Though suddenly it jumped onto the lap of one of the guys living there, this is how I got to know Mike. *lol* Talked to Mike, patted the cat, then having the cat put onto my lap.
More people arrived and I was surprised about how many people I actually knew there. In one of the corners there were Nick and Becky, Paula and Hamish, Analiese and her boyfriend Matt. Then there was quite a big circle of roleplayers that I know, Simeon and Marie were there and Aaron was there, without Bex though.
Around 10ish things started to happen outside. They had a big tonne with a fire in it so we were standing around it, feeling like hobos. =P Naomi started all of the fireworks which was nice but not that much.
But people actually did fire action too. Sam was starting it but Hamish soon joined him, Paula had fire poi with her which Matt used a lot too and she was doing stuff with the staff as well. It looks really cool! I would burn myself so badly but watching it is awesome. Somehow I ended up being the person who opened and closed the jar with kerosine for them…and my hands stank so badly afterwards. *lol* I also met Pearl who is my neighbour till tomorrow. *gg*
I hang out a lot with Aaron. He loved to be a pain in the ass though cause he tickled me so much that I completely embarrassed myself. Seriously. He tickled me and I jumped. Then he tickled me and blamed Gynn for it. He basically said “No, Gynn just tickled you! Gynn just say ‘yes'”. Which Gynn didn’t do so I explained to him that he was just accused of tickling me. “Nah, I didn’t. Not so far.” And he started to tickle-attack me. It made me jump backwards into people….*cough* I just got really paranoid…
So I decided to go to the other part of the party area. Which made me cross the dancing area. Ben was the only one on there, dancing alone to some techno. He grinned at me and tried to get me to dance as well….but I don’t dance…especially not to techno.
I got back into the talking area and Aaron continued to tickle me. Actually he tried to put my arms up so Mike Forster could tickle me. I dodged backwards and we both kinda crashed into Rohan’s wardrobe. *cough* I’ve been so classy that night. =P
Went outside to get a bit of fresh air and Sam followed me outside. Because it wasn’t raining he lit all the torches again, being challenged because I said it won’t work. =P But it was cold so we went in again soon. In the meantime, the party in the talking area had just died so I sat down next to the dancing area, watching some dancers, talking to Aaron and a bit to Hamish and Becky. Aaron was trying to get me to dance as well but I just didn’t want to.
Things got a bit quieter, people settled on the couches and the beanie bags, some food was served like sausage rolls and pizza.
At that stage I was really impressed with Mike’s energy cause he just kept bouncing and bouncing and bouncing. O.O
I was okay, a bit tired but intending to go for quite a while. Then Nick turned up again to give Becky and Hamish a lift home…and he could drop me off on the way which was just too good to not do it. I wasn’t really keen on walking through the night to get back home. So I left at about 4am.

I talked to a whole lot more people than mentioned here but to be honest, I forgot most names already. Also I somehow hugged a lot of people or got hugged. Like Gynn. Who, I think, hugged everybody before he left. *gg*