I can haz fun!!!!

Alright, so yesterday was the night where I could have done four different things. What a pity that you can only do one at a time…seriously, people, there are more nights, not everything has to happen at the same time. *lol*

Anyway, I had a ticket for the shihad concert in the town hall. I’ve never been in there and I’ve never seen shihad before. I only know about 10 songs but I was looking forward to it.
6.30pm I met up with anarchangel and got to know Paula and Jen. We waited around Reading cause more people were about to show up, we were quite a bunch in the end: 3 guys and 6 chicks. I only knew anarchangel and Nick from that one gaming session that we had so far. Getting to know Paula was cool, also Nick’s girlfriend Becky was there with her sister Rachel and another friend of Paula’s (I’ve forgotten her name…=S) who was very nice.
Plan was to have dinner. So we tried some Japanese restaurant on Cuba street. They said we could have a table for nine for about 50min, afterwards it was booked. Fine with us. We got some seriously fast service and I went “whoa!” at the amount of food nine people can eat. No wonder they didn’t wanna say no to nine customers.
At quarter to 8 we were outta there again. And up for some pre-concert drinks. And guess what…somehow we ended up going to Blend. *lol* I’ve only been to Blend two times before, once to have breakfast there and the second time for the legendary free bubblys night with da girlz. =)
Outside of Blend’s a girl was standing in a rendeer costume. O.o One glance on the “what’s on” sign told us that it was Midwinter Christmas at Blend’s that night!!! Nearly had a laughing fit and the girl gave us “2-4-1” vouchers to get us in. Blend was fun, more dressed up people, crappy music that you can sing along to, and quite a bit of alcohol in not that much time. =P Paula and Jen danced with the rendeer girl, Rachel and Nick played a game of pool and the rest sat around a table, singing smashing hits like “I feel like dancing”, “Spinning around”, “push the button” and “Uptown girl”. It was a lot of fun but the music seriously got worse and worse. *lol*
Around 9 o’clock we left for the concert. “We” were a smaller group now, anarchangel and Simeon, Becky, Rachel, Friend who’s name I’ve forgotten and me.
First impression that I had…”how s.m.a.l.l. is the venue. O.O” Also there weren’t many people in the hall so far. We listened to the last couple of songs from the first band which I liked. Then we waited for the second band. And I talked to anarchangel. Seriously, I was shocked to get to know I lived in Wellington longer than he had. O.o Since I met him in Wellington I just thought yeah, he is from Chch but had lived in Welly for the last couple of years. O.o Oh well…seems like I’m the local then. O.o =P
The Mint chicks came on stage and I didn’t like them. We lost the three girls somewhere during that gig, so it was down to anarchangel, Simeon and me. Anarchangel later got a txt that they moved to the back of the hall. Yeah, we were quite close to the stage, right underneath the left box and people were going slightly crazy with the Mint chicks already.
Then it was time to set things up for shihad. For my taste, we were too close to the stage but we decided to stay and just move back with the flow when people start pogging right infront of the stage. People moved further into the stage direction and I let all of them pass cause I didn’t wanna be pushed even closer to the stage. I was still impressed how many gaps there were nevertheless. I mean, yeah, I was squished a lot but if I would have taken five steps to the left side and maybe about five to the back, I could have stand with basically no one touching me. O.o
Shihad was coming on stage. People got into party mood. And he made us jump. A lot. *gg* You could feel the vibration of all the jumping people on the wooden floor. *gg* In the beginning anarchangel and Simeon were right behind me. After the second or third song I moved two steps to the side though cause the guys right behind us were pushing me into the crowd too much. Afterwards it was better. The girl right next to me had similar problems but then she had her boyfriend right behind her. =P
Anyway, the concert was fucking a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!!!! It rocked a lot!!! I got rid of so much energy from bouncing and dancing and singing/screaming along to the songs that I knew and from “woooohoooo” ing…*LOL*…it was great. =P I lost anarchangel sometime but it didn’t really matter cause all we were doing was bouncing and singing anyway. They played about four songs of which I knew the lyrics by heart so of course I sang. I love singing at concerts. =P Two of them were “Comfort me” and “Pacifier”. I love those songs!!! They’re so NZ for me!
Energy was pretty good in the hall after anarchangel had said it might be calm which it wasn’t. Shihad stressed how great it is to be back home and the crowd loved it.
I got a lot of sweat on me, addtionally to my own sweat of course, half a beer was spilled over my right side and I lost the belt of my winter jacket. The way I re-found it: A guy picked it up, wrapped it around his head, as a bandana for his sweaty forehead and hair. Yum, people…but I have it back now. *gg* My stuff needs serious cleaning now though.
At the final song I also re-found anarchangel cause he darted from somewhere behind me into the middle of the pit, going nuts for one last time.
And then it was over. And we three gathered, all of us being blushed in our faces, quite sweaty, dehydrated and with ringing in our ears. The girls had left the concert before it was over. O.o For the first ten minutes we couldn’t really talk because we were momentarily deaf…only screaming in each other’s ears worked and that’s not very helpful for a conversation. What I loved was that about 10-15min afterwards shihad appeared to meet and greet the fans, take pics and sign stuff. For free! I’m not used to that anymore. *gg*
Walked home to Kelburn from the town hall…which was soooooooooo familiar…uphill all the time. =) Had a shower and tried to fall into bed which didn’t work. My adrenaline kept me awake for about an hour longer. =)
Fucking great!!!!