Yesterday was brilliant! =D
It wasn’t raining! OMG! =P It stayed dry the whole day.
I was downtown, buying postcards and other stuff to send to people [I know I’m amazed by my own subtlety, hun =P]. It was great. I felt accomplished.
And in the evening I went to see shihad which was more than great. =D *bounces* I wasn’t stupid enough to take my camera along though so I don’t have any pics. Was back at about 1.30am but couldn’t sleep till 3am which is why today is kinda torn…got up only a few hours ago. =P
Anyhow, does any of you Wellington people know a place downtown where I could have my laundry cleaned? Things that I can’t put into a washing machine like, let’s say, my winter jacket? =P

*bounces some more*

Look, it’s a ship! =P

Sunshine, sunshine, suuuuunshiiiiiiiine…

Whoa, I’d forgotten how the sun looks like. =P

I just LOVE wind!!!



….happy. *beam*
I don’t care that I have a very bad hair day. That’s the good thing with wind…everybody gets wind-swept. =P
It was one of those days when Lina and I would have done something stupid. Like going to Somes Island by ferry. =P *lol*

It keeps whispering to me “Come on, I’m not that cold…you know you wanna go for a swim.”

How do you call these? Starfish?