Temperature dropped. I’m now at the point where I can see my breath…inside the flat of course. I think all my body can do right now is trying to keep my inside temperature up which is quite hard…given it feels like a 30 degrees gap. =P Gotta love Wellington winter. =P
The weather forecast foretells a subtropical storm for the weekend. It’s gonna rain straight through to Monday.


Kelburn is even mentioned. *gg* The strongest winds struck this morning, with wind speeds of 117kmh registered at Mt Kaukau about 6am, while the suburb of Kelburn registered winds of 106kmh.
Anyway, I was up and outside by about 9am to have breakfast with Becky in Espressoholic. Pancakes…*drools* On the way there, it wasn’t raining but the wind seriously tried to blow us away…or rather onto the street. *gg*
After some shopping I stayed inside today, tried to finally start reading uni stuff and did some laundry. What actually happened was me falling asleep on the couch completely wrapped into two blankets. *lol* I guess I’m hibernating now. Also, I’m tempted to put on gloves now while typing cause it’s very very cold indeed. =P
*rofl* Jesse just came in and asked me WHY I choose this time of a year to come back to Wellington. It’s not like I had much of a choice really. =P Can’t take my holidays when it’s summer over here. =P
I think we’re good now…having conversations is good for getting over the weirdness stage. =P

morning view

That would be the place that I stay at right now. The flat is the whole top floor. And if you see the window front with all the curtains…that’s the lounge where I sleep in. You can imagine how I can feel the wind in there. =P

The curse of too man steps lies on this place…up…and up…

…then you take a turn…

…to face more steps…

…a lovely little non-lit pathway, much like “my” old one…so yeah…*nostalgic sigh*

There we are!!!!
Isn’t it lovely? =)

Horse, the elephant cat

It’s massive!!