The Lotr exhibition rocked! I bought a t-shirt (I`m such a tourist and a fangirl -.-) and Lina forced us to make lots of crappy pictures before we`ve actually entered. I`m sure Josefin and I will love the month on tour with you in regard to the pictures. =P *hugs* I want them nevertheless.Β 

I wanted to go to Dan`s leaving thingy in the late afternoon but ended up talking to Joanna for over an hour. That was so nice, I like her. =) I think I might see Dan before he leaves anyway (hopefully…).

Today, Annika got her stuff out of my room. She came back yesterday and is leaving on Wednesday. πŸ™ Is it just me or is everybody talking about leaving at the moment? We`re gonna have a goodbye meeting on Tuesday…

Me and the girls managed to have lunch at 15.00. *lol* It was so funny I`m really glad it`s gonna be these two girls with me in the car. All equally crazy. =P We`ve played around with Siegfried`s name and now he has the ultimate one. It`s still related to his old name and is relating to us now too: Freakseed. =D That name nails it. Especially when we are inside. *giggles* And no one is to blame for it; it somehow was a Lina/Nina/Josefin co-production.
After lunch we had our first adventure with Freakseed: Driving him to the gas station and back. *lol* Josefin was an awesome driver with all these crazy people on the wrong side of the road. πŸ˜› Lots of squeaks from Lina included and three girls being pretty helpless at the gas stationΒ trying to figure outΒ how that thing works. *ROFLOL* We rock! *gg* The longjohns came up again but no, no, NO, Lina! =P I try to figure out though how much a “Freakseed and t-Roy on tour” t-shirtΒ would cost us. πŸ˜‰