Hm…haven`t updated in a while cause the weather was so nice and I`ve tried to spent a lot of time outside. =)
It feels like it`s gonna be spring/summer soon which is good. I got so tired of a grey sky lately.

The tree at my little path…

also at my path…

evening view from my window

I`ve also made it to the zoo this week. =) (The bats areΒ cool, Emma.) I really really liked it there.

Teh cuteness….


Uta had her “leaving for travelling” party tonight and it was kinda nice. Too many people I didn`t know and a drunken Phil who thought he was teh awesomeness. *rofl* Katrin had to get him back to the ground after he was told that he must be every girl`s dream being a surfer and playing guitar. πŸ˜‰ *lol*

I`m officially on the break now (which I need to catch up with the readings -.-). Gonna have to figure out what else to do though. Tomorrow it`s gonna be the Lotr exhibition with Lina. =D *bounces happily* We might be able to go on a weekend trip next weekend. That would be awesome. =) Josefin has started to drive Siegfried so she should be sweet soon. *bounces some more*