Strawberry Fare

Had a fun night out with all of you crazy guys, love the pics and videos that I took. =D

“Is it wrong that I feel like a proud mum?”
“I like how everybody is dressed up just Alex looks totally normal.”
“Dave managed to clear all the tables around us.”
“Ich bin der einzige schwule Eskimo.”
“I`m not crazy….I`m INSANE.”
“That`s strange.”-“You`re strange.”-“…you know the rest…”
“Don`t lecture me, woman!” (Did you smack him for that? *rofl*)

Lina and Josefin

Josefin and me

Katrin and Franziska

Devil`s Dream Cake (=so yummy)

Josefin and Lina and their desserts

Franziska and the Devil`s Dream *gg*

Somehow all my pics from the guys are kinda blurry…O.o

Lauren convinced me to ask Arini if I can attend the noho marae on tuesday. And I actually can. It`s gonna be my third one…*gg* Not much sleep but hopefully lots of fun. =D Kia ora for that, Lauren.

Had my first test in English literature and hm….I`m not too convinced about it. I know that I`m able to analyse extracts in respect of structure and language…but in German. So yeah, all these words in German came to my mind and I tried to translate them. *hmpf* Didn`t work that well…

After that I was knackered. Almost fell asleep in Games Club…*gg* Got some strange looks at least. When Zak turned up, his first comment was: “You look stoned.” Nice…. =P Got a bit better during the evening, just to strike back later. When we were done, I was nearly comatose. I`m sure I could have slept on the street. *shakes head* What the hell?!?

Thanks for the pizza to drowninghail and the ride back home. Sorry for nearly falling asleep in your car, it just didn`t work anymore…
I`m off now to get at least 12 hours of sleep…weird…