me being girly *lol*

My and the birthday girl met in town today to go shopping…and yeah…I spent waaaaay too much money. I)

Emma, you`d be proud of Lina. She got me to buy something greenish and made me wear something nearly pink. O.O Well, it`s her birthday…*sigh* You`ll get a pic of the greenish top. πŸ˜‰ IΒ also boughtΒ a black top to make up for that. =P

After that I tried to go home and study before going out tonight….but somehow….I ended up…in another shop. *double sigh* I bought more black stuff. *gg* A nice summer top, a black shirt that I`m gonna wear this evening and a fancy fancy top. It even glitters a bit. Me loves it. =D Now I only need a strapless bra, a nice skirt or fancy pants, boots, a fancy belt, a boyfriend and a reason to wear it. XD Looool, but great that I have it now. I)