I`m not sure what I`m gonna write in here when uni starts again but for now…

I finished the first trimester of uni with my last exam on June 24th and decided to head down to the South Island for holidays. For 4 days to be precisely. Anyway it was sooooo worth it. My camera battery stopped working on the second day *smash head against desk* but you`ll get an impression. On Monday I just had a look at the lovely city, on Tuesday I watched albatrosses (what`s the plural?), penguins and fur seals, on Wednesday I visited NZ`s only castle and went shopping ( -.- ) and on Thursday I visited a chocolate factory, bought lots of chocolate and went by train to the hinterland to have a look at the beautiful landscape around Dunedin. The trip was really, really awesome! And strangely enough, I thought it is colder here (10 degrees) than in Dunedin (-3/-5 degrees but sunshine).

If you want to comment, you`re welcomed to do so. πŸ™‚